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How it Works

1. Order your medicine

Sign up on our website in 2 minutes, then place your order.

2. Your GP approves

After checking your order, your GP sends us an electronic prescription.

3. Get your medicine

Get a notification about your medication’s delivery. Done!

At the Heart of the Community

We operate a prescription collection and delivery service.  Your time is precious and we’re here to save that for you. You don’t need to phone us anymore to order your prescription. Simply sign up to our service to access your personalised dashboard and manage your medicines on the go. You can send us messages through the system and you can even pay online for your prescriptions.

And, it’s free to use 🙂

All in one solution

Request prescriptions, track your orders and get reminders to reorder your medicine, all from your personalized dashboard.

Easy Delivery

We believe in convenience. We provide convenient delivery options for you, whether you’re ordering for yourself or for a family member.

Always order on time

You’ll get a reminder to order your next prescription before you’re due to run out.

Order for your family

Manage your whole family’s prescriptions from your account. We’ve made it easy for you to order for your loved ones.

Get help from experts

Need help? We’re your local pharmacy behind the technology! So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.